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Monday, August 23, 2010
Sri Nurhandayani Biography and Photo Profile

Sri Nurhandayani Biography and Photo Profile

Sri Nurhandayani more often known by Keke Harun is also a model and actress born in Bogor, West Java, March 13, 1969 was first plunged into the entertainment world as a model. In his career, Keke began to try other areas, namely acting. Had appeared in several soap operas, but passion is more on the world of modeling Keke.

In 1997, together with his friends in the world of modeling, Keke founded the Look Models, Inc.. The result, today the name of Look Models, Inc. became one of the largest modeling agencies in Indonesia.

In 2006, Keke get a chance to hone his acting skills on the big screen debut, titled Ghosts Empty Bench (Hantu Bangku Kosong) In his personal life, Keke was not as lucky in his career. Beno marriage to Aaron, who has been running 15 years had to be ended in 2006.

Beginning in 2009, Keke back to playing the big screen plots Henry Riady young directors with the title “Sepulih”

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